Child protection Home for children victims of violence in Guatemala

Together we can build the next generation of productive citizens

About our Home

We take care of children who have been victims of violence or neglect in Guatemala.

We provide housing, food, clothing, education, medical, psychological care and lots of love!






We are rated as THE BEST HOME by our children

Our purpose:

Our home is built and staffed to provide the children with high levels of specialized care and attention. Many of the children we receive are malnourished and have suffered psychological trauma. We provide all of our children with pediatric care, psychological support, and a sense of belonging and security.

How are the children admitted:

We provide for the children until the Family Court reunifies the child with their biological family or until children declared eligible for adoption are placed with by the National Adoption Counsel with an adoptive family.

We are not a part of the adoption process, nor do we decide when the biological family is ready to receive the children.

Our goal is to ensure that whenever the children leave our Home, whether it is after a few weeks, months, or even years, they are well-prepared for whatever future awaits them


If you would like more information on adoptions in Guatemala, please visit the website of the National Counsel for Adoptions. As of 2007 Guatemala only allows domestic adoptions.

For more information on Guatemala’s family courts, please visit the website of the Judicial Department of Guatemala.

See firsthand the work we do every day and the challenges we face as we strive to give our children the best possible quality of life

Active Play Room

We built a space where our children could do their homework, use the computer, play and express themselves. There they have all their princess costumes, superheroes, cute and fluffy animals and an infinite amount of crowns and fairy wands.

There’s a little theater where they can perform their plays. And we also have a separate room where the psychologist can talk with them privately to heal their emotional wounds.


At this time we have 12 babies to fill with love, who come when they are 1 or 2 days old sometimes even with their umbilical cord from the hospital. They are babies found on the streets or sometimes in the garbage and we take care of them, we give them food, clothes, their shots and many hugs and kisses.

One of our future projects is to build a space where our young children can run, climb and explore, basically a baby gymnasium so that their cognitive development is up to date with their age.


The children’s rooms were beautifully decorated by volunteers because we wanted to have a space where they felt at peace and their own.

There are 8 bunk beds in the boys’ room, and 9 bunk beds in the girls’ room.

We are now working to get our teens into their own rooms for more privacy. There are sofa beds were babysitters sleep next to them at night, in case any emergency were to happen.

Kitchen and Laundryroom

The kitchen and laundry are always in operation. We have to make sure that our children receive all the nutrients according to their age and special dietary needs because some of them come with extreme malnutrition.

Every day the cook prepares breakfast, an aperitif, a lunch, a snack and a dinner with much love.

Our children love to play and get dirty which means that our laundry is often busy.

The laundry has several washing machines that often spin, washing endless amounts of clothes for our children fun loving children to decorate with dirt, food and art supplies.

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